Cupping Therapy in Yarraville

Cupping Therapy in Melbourne with Pivotal Chinese Medicine

If you’ve never experienced cupping therapy in Melbourne before, then you might be wondering what it is. Cupping is an alternative treatment that employs heated glass cups which are placed on the body on the meridians. The heat creates a suction action on the skin, which accelerates and enables the flow of qi (energy) throughout your system.


What is Gliding Cupping?


A variant of cupping is gliding cupping, which involves activating the cup into suction mode on the body, then moving the cup. This pulls the skin and muscle, which in itself can be therapeutic, helping to bring injuries and other maladjustments into balance.


On What Areas of the Body Can Cupping Be Used?


In general, cupping is done not just on meridian points, but also areas of the body where pain is experienced. Cupping is most effective on the back, as the wide flat surface allows for this technique to be performed successfully.


The reason cupping therapy usually involves meridian points is that they are parts of the body that can become blocked and stagnant energy-wise. This stagnation leads to dis-ease, whether that is an injury, musculoskeletal issues or illness. Opening the meridians using cupping can move old energy out and new energy through.


Cupping is often used for the treatment of pain, but it can also rejuvenate and relax the body, supporting optimal health and wellbeing.


Where Can I Get Cupping Therapy in Melbourne?


At Pivotal Chinese Medicine, we offer a range of methods for higher levels of health and relaxation in everyday life. One of these techniques is cupping therapy in Melbourne. Our practitioners are high skilled at cupping, so you can be sure you’ll be in good hands. Call us today on (03) 9994 6387 to make an appointment.