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Chinese Herbal Medicine in Yarraville

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At Pivotal Chinese Medicine Clinic, we perform Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping and GuaSha. 

Chinese herbs are prescribed by our clinic to help normalise imbalanced energy, or Qi, that runs through meridians in the body.  Each prescription and formula is tailored by the practitioner to the specific condition of the patient.


Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant based medicine, but some preparations include minerals or animal products.  


Today, there are more than 450 substances commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine. You may find some in your kitchen, such as ginger, garlic and cinnamon, while others such as chrysanthemum and peony flowers, are more likely to be found in your garden! Many of the substances used will be unfamiliar to you and have names like chai hu (bupleurum), shu di huang (rehmannia), and huang qi (astragalus).


In our clinic we offer 2 types of Herbal Remedies - Raw Herbs and Granules (Powder).  The raw herbs are more traditional and require cooking by the patient at home.  The granules are more common because they are convenient and simply taken with a glass of warm water.  Both remedies have been processed and prepared to the highest standard.

The granules can be prepared in Capsules to make it easy to swallow for those client's who don't like the taste.  This can be done for a small additional fee.


For More Information visit the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association