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Lifestyle & Nutrition

Lifestyle & Healthy Eating Advice

If you’ve sick and tired of all the conflicting weight loss and fitness advice out there in the world, then it might be time to try something different. In the Chinese tradition, a meal isn’t just an accumulation of calories but an opportunity to supply our organs with the balanced tastes and energies needed for health. When the body is out of balance, food is one way to make up for deficiency and drain excess from the system.

Your consultant at Pivotal Chinese Medicine in Melbourne will recommend healthy organic foods that will restore the balance in your body and allow health to come back to you. It can be hard to know what to do for optimum health when there are so many conflicting voices telling you different things. But our nutrition specialists keep things simple and effective, helping you build a more positive relationship with food while meeting your health goals.

What Can Our Sports Nutritionist in Melbourne Do For You?

Our sports nutritionist in Melbourne can advise you on which foods to eat and when based on your sports performance goals. Some foods can help with muscle recovery or provide more sustained energy, while others are great for short bursts of action. You can learn an amazing amount from a certified nutrition consultant at Pivotal Chinese Medicine, allowing you to reach new heights in your chosen sport.

What Can Our Nutrition Specialists Offer You?

Our nutrition specialists offer a new way of looking at food, which can help ease the tension associated with changes to diet and exercise. Too often, there is pressure of having to push hard, but Chinese herbal medicine is a holistic, gentle practice that works with your body, rather than against it. At Pivotal Chinese Medicine, we help you make changes that feel good and work in your long-term favour for increased well-being.

Don’t Put Off Your Health & Wellbeing Any Longer

Is improving your diet and exercise one of those things that you just keep putting off day after day? Do you know that your health could be suffering because you haven’t made changes yet? Sometimes it’s just a matter of having the right support and accountability to live the life you yearn for, have your dream healthy body and feel fit and healthy. You can get all these things for yourself with the support of our nutritionist and other specialists. Book online today.

Where Can I Find a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Near Me?

Wondering “where can I get help with fitness and nutrition near me?” We’ve located at 2 Wembley Avenue in Yarraville, Melbourne. Our nutritionist is affordable and knowledgeable and can help make your health and fitness goals achievable. Call us today to book on (03) 9994 6387.

How We Can Help
How We Can Help

The clients who attend our clinic do so for a variety of reasons. They may have physical conditions that they find are supported by treatments at our Chinese medicine clinic, used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Our treatments might be helpful if you’re seeking:

  • Support for women’s health in Melbourne
  • Fertility support acupuncture in the western suburbs of Melbourne
  • IVF support acupuncture in Melbourne
  • Pregnancy acupuncture in Melbourne
  • Support for men’s health in Melbourne
  • Musculoskeletal pain management
  • Relief from long Covid symptoms, more information on long covid is here
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